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Overview & Full Specifications of Casio XJ V1 DLP Projector

Besides high levels of efficiency, the Casio XJ V1 DLP Projector is designed for affordability, stylish design, as well as bright colors displays. It uses the hybrid technology combining laser and LED for best brightness and display and projection of sharp texts and features. Incidentally it is one of the lowest priced devices from Casio. 
Design and Dimensions:
Designed stylishly the projector produces excellent data projection. For effective display the projector uses a DLP chip. The projector is slimly designed and is lightweight at around 5 pounds. Its optical system can direct the three lights red, blue, and green through the DLP chip through the front lens. The hybrid lamp free light source has a life span of around 20,000 hours. That means you can use the light source for ten years uninterrupted. Dimensions of the projector in terms of width, height, and depth are 3.5x10.6x10.6 inches and it weighs around 8.6 pounds. 
Display Features:
This projector produces sharp contents and bright colors. For audio display the projector can be connected to outside speakers. Brightness level of the projector is 2700 lumens and native resolution is XGA 1024x768 pixels. It is the first one that uses Ecolite feature from the provider company. This means it uses lamp free technology for illumination with mercury less projection. zoom ratio of the device is 1.1X
For easy connectivity the projector uses HDMI ports as well as audio-out jack. It can therefore connect with a number of mobile and other devices using the port and the USB port available in the device. 
Noise Levels:
With low noise levels, the projector is ideal for hassle free projection of your contents and concepts for the viewing by the target audience. 
Other Features:
The projector can provide 60 inch image and the screen distance for best projection is 6 feet. The readability of the black and white 6.8 to 9 points and the power consumption is considerably lower that makes it energy efficient an eco-friendly.

Casio XJ V1 DLP Projector Specs

Display Type: DLP
Light Output: 2700 Lumens
Color: White
Features: HDMI input
Contrast Ratio: 20000: 1
Resolution: XGA(1024x768)


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